Chemical elements
    PDB 16pk-1c8m
    PDB 1c9d-1eau
    PDB 1ec0-1grn
    PDB 1gs4-1j97
    PDB 1jdj-1mu8
    PDB 1mue-1oyt
    PDB 1oz1-1rby
    PDB 1rbz-1tu6
    PDB 1tuy-1w9i
    PDB 1w9j-1yw2
    PDB 1yw9-2ax8
    PDB 2ax9-2dqt
    PDB 2dqu-2ftk
    PDB 2fvd-2hhn
    PDB 2hiw-2izs
    PDB 2j51-2onh
    PDB 2oo8-2pow
    PDB 2pq9-2qzl
    PDB 2qzo-2vev
    PDB 2vew-2wf7
    PDB 2wf8-2xhd
    PDB 2xkk-3ar9
    PDB 3az8-3cej
    PDB 3cem-3dh3
    PDB 3dhf-3el7
    PDB 3el8-3fln
    PDB 3flq-3gc7
    PDB 3gc8-3h7w
    PDB 3h82-3i81
    PDB 3i8d-3jx1
    PDB 3jx2-3ktk
    PDB 3ktu-3lj6
    PDB 3lk9-3mqf
    PDB 3ms4-3nz7
    PDB 3o1g-3p4a
    PDB 3p4b-3ti1
    PDB 3tik-4acx
    PDB 4afe-4fk3
    PDB 4fod-7gch

Fluorine in PDB, part 11 (501-550), PDB files 1yw9 - 2ax8

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Fluorine (F) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Fluorine atoms.
PDB files 501-550 (1yw9 - 2ax8):
  1. 1yw9 - H-METAP2 Complexed With A849519
  2. 1ywn - VEGFR2 in Complex With A Novel 4-Amino-Furo[2,3-D]Pyrimidine
  3. 1ywr - Crystal Structure Analysis of Inactive P38 Kinase Domain in Complex With A Monocyclic Pyrazolone Inhibitor
  4. 1yye - Crystal Structure of Estrogen Receptor Beta Complexed With Way-202196
  5. 1z34 - Crystal Structure of Trichomonas Vaginalis Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase Complexed With 2-Fluoro-2'-Deoxyadenosine
  6. 1z35 - Crystal Structure of Trichomonas Vaginalis Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase Complexed With 2-Fluoroadenosine
  7. 1z3n - Human Aldose Reductase in Complex With Nadp+ and the Inhibitor Lidorestat At 1.04 Angstrom
  8. 1z5b - Topoisomerase VI-B, Adp ALF4- Bound Dimer Form
  9. 1z6e - Factor Xa in Complex With the Inhibitor 1-(3'-Amino-1,2-Benzisoxazol- 5'-Yl)-N-(4-(2'-((Dimethylamino)Methyl)-1H-Imidazol-1-Yl)-2- Fluorophenyl)-3-(Trifluoromethyl)-1H-Pyrazole-5-Carboxamide (Razaxaban; DPC906; Bms-561389)
  10. 1z71 - Thrombin and P2 Pyridine N-Oxide Inhibitor Complex Structure
  11. 1z95 - Crystal Structure of the Androgen Receptor Ligand-Binding Domain W741L Mutant Complex With R-Bicalutamide
  12. 1zca - Crystal Structure of G Alpha 12 in Complex With Gdp, MG2+ and ALF4-
  13. 1zdm - Crystal Structure of Activated Chey Bound to Xe
  14. 1ze2 - Conformational Change of Pseudouridine 55 Synthase Upon Its Association With Rna Substrate
  15. 1zes - BEF3- Activated Phob Receiver Domain
  16. 1zgi - Thrombin in Complex With An Oxazolopyridine Inhibitor 21
  17. 1zh4 - Crystal Structure Of the Mg+2/BEF3-Bound Receiver Domain of Kdp Potassium Transport System Response Regulator Kdpe
  18. 1zl3 - Coupling of Active Site Motions and Rna Binding
  19. 1znt - 18 uc(Nmr) Structures of ACAMP2-Like Peptide With Non Natural Fluoroaromatic Residue (ACAMP2F18PFF/Y20PFF) Complex With N,N,N- Triacetylchitotriose
  20. 1zp0 - Crystal Structure of Mitochondrial Respiratory Complex II Bound With 3-Nitropropionate and 2-Thenoyltrifluoroacetone
  21. 1zua - Crystal Structure of AKR1B10 Complexed With Nadp+ and Tolrestat
  22. 1zz2 - Two Classes of P38ALPHA Map Kinase Inhibitors Having A Common Diphenylether Core But Exhibiting Divergent Binding Modes
  23. 1zzl - Crystal Structure of P38 With Triazolopyridine
  24. 1zzr - Rat Nnos D597N/M336V Double Mutant With L-N(Omega)-Nitroarginine-(4R)- Amino-L-Proline Amide Bound
  25. 2a4z - Crystal Structure of Human PI3KGAMMA Complexed With AS604850
  26. 2a75 - Trypanosoma Rangeli Sialidase in Complex With 2,3- Difluorosialic Acid (Covalent Intermediate)
  27. 2a7q - Crystal Structure of Human Dck Complexed With Clofarabine and Adp
  28. 2a9n - A Mutation Designed to Alter Crystal Packing Permits Structural Analysis of A Tight-Binding Fluorescein-Scfv Complex
  29. 2a9o - Crystal Structures Of An Activated Yycf Homologue, The Essential Response Regulator From S.Pneumoniae In Complex With BEF3 and The Effect of pH on BEF3 Binding, Possible Phosphate in the Active Site
  30. 2a9p - Medium Resolution BEF3 Bound RR02-Rec
  31. 2ab4 - Dissecting the Roles of A Strictly Conserved Tyrosine in Substrate Recognition and Catalysis By Pseudouridine 55 Synthase
  32. 2abj - Crystal Structure of Human Branched Chain Amino Acid Transaminase in A Complex With An Inhibitor, C16H10N2O4F3SCL, and Pyridoxal 5' Phosphate.
  33. 2aei - Crystal Structure Of A Ternary Complex of Factor Viia/Tissue Factor and 2-[[6-[3-(Aminoiminomethyl)Phenoxy]-3,5-Difluro-4-[(1-Methyl-3- Phenylpropyl)Amino]-2-Pyridinyl]Oxy]-Benzoic Acid
  34. 2ags - Trypanosoma Rangeli Sialidase in Complex With 2-Keto-3- Deoxy-D-Glycero-D-Galacto-2,3-Difluoro-Nononic Acid (2,3- Difluoro-Kdn)
  35. 2agt - Aldose Reductase Mutant Leu 300 Pro Complexed With Fidarestat
  36. 2ah2 - Trypanosoma Cruzi Trans-Sialidase in Complex With 2,3-Difluorosialic Acid (Covalent Intermediate)
  37. 2aid - Structure Of A Non-Peptide Inhibitor Complexed With Hiv-1 Protease: Developing A Cycle of Structure-Based Drug Design
  38. 2akz - Fluoride Inhibition Of Enolase: Crystal Structure of the Inhibitory Complex
  39. 2al5 - Crystal Structure of the GLUR2 Ligand Binding Core (S1S2J) in Complex With Fluoro-Willardiine and Aniracetam
  40. 2am4 - Crystal Structure of N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase I in Complex With Udp-2-Deoxy-2-Fluoro-Glucose
  41. 2ano - Crystal Structure of E.Coli Dihydrofolate Reductase in Complex With Nadph and the Inhibitor Ms-SH08-17
  42. 2as4 - Cytochrome C Peroxidase in Complex With 3-Fluorocatechol
  43. 2ath - Crystal Structure Of the Ligand Binding Domain of Human Ppar-Gamma Im Complex With An Agonist
  44. 2ati - Glycogen Phosphorylase Inhibitors
  45. 2au6 - Crystal Structure Of Catalytic Intermediate of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase
  46. 2au9 - Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Complexed With Substrate
  47. 2auu - Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Complexed With Magnesium Pyrophosphate and Fluoride
  48. 2ax6 - Crystal Structure of the Androgen Receptor Ligand Binding Domain T877A Mutant in Complex With Hydroxyflutamide
  49. 2ax7 - Crystal Structure of the Androgen Receptor Ligand Binding Domain T877A Mutant in Complex With S-1
  50. 2ax8 - Crystal Structure of the Androgen Receptor Ligand Binding Domain W741L Mutant in Complex With S-1


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