Chemical elements
    PDB 16pk-1c8m
    PDB 1c9d-1eau
    PDB 1ec0-1grn
    PDB 1gs4-1j97
    PDB 1jdj-1mu8
    PDB 1mue-1oyt
    PDB 1oz1-1rby
    PDB 1rbz-1tu6
    PDB 1tuy-1w9i
    PDB 1w9j-1yw2
    PDB 1yw9-2ax8
    PDB 2ax9-2dqt
    PDB 2dqu-2ftk
    PDB 2fvd-2hhn
    PDB 2hiw-2izs
    PDB 2j51-2onh
    PDB 2oo8-2pow
    PDB 2pq9-2qzl
    PDB 2qzo-2vev
    PDB 2vew-2wf7
    PDB 2wf8-2xhd
    PDB 2xkk-3ar9
    PDB 3az8-3cej
    PDB 3cem-3dh3
    PDB 3dhf-3el7
    PDB 3el8-3fln
    PDB 3flq-3gc7
    PDB 3gc8-3h7w
    PDB 3h82-3i81
    PDB 3i8d-3jx1
    PDB 3jx2-3ktk
    PDB 3ktu-3lj6
    PDB 3lk9-3mqf
    PDB 3ms4-3nz7
    PDB 3o1g-3p4a
    PDB 3p4b-3ti1
    PDB 3tik-4acx
    PDB 4afe-4fk3
    PDB 4fod-7gch

Fluorine in PDB, part 16 (751-800), PDB files 2j51 - 2onh

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Fluorine (F) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Fluorine atoms.
PDB files 751-800 (2j51 - 2onh):
  1. 2j51 - Crystal Structure of Human STE20-Like Kinase Bound to 5- Amino-3-((4-(Aminosulfonyl)Phenyl)Amino)-N-(2,6- Difluorophenyl)-1H-1,2,4-Triazole-1-Carbothioamide
  2. 2j90 - Crystal Structure of Human Zip Kinase in Complex With A Tetracyclic Pyridone Inhibitor (Pyridone 6)
  3. 2jc0 - Crystal Structure of Hepatitis C Virus Polymerase in Complex With Inhibitor SB655264
  4. 2jcm - Crystal Structure of Human Cytosolic 5'-Nucleotidase II in Complex With Beryllium Trifluoride
  5. 2jfl - Crystal Structure of Human STE20-Like Kinase ( Diphosphorylated Form) Bound to 5- Amino-3-((4-( Aminosulfonyl)Phenyl)Amino)-N-(2,6- Difluorophenyl)-1H-1,2, 4-Triazole-1-Carbothioamide
  6. 2jie - Beta-Glucosidase B From Bacillus Polymyxa Complexed With 2- F-Glucose
  7. 2jji - Endothiapepsin in Complex With A Gem-Diol Inhibitor.
  8. 2jjj - Endothiapepsin in Complex With A Gem-Diol Inhibitor.
  9. 2jld - Extremely Tight Binding of Ruthenium Complex to Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3
  10. 2jle - Novel Indazole Nnrtis Created Using Molecular Template Hybridization Based on Crystallographic Overlays
  11. 2jm0 - Solution Structure of Chicken Villin Headpiece Subdomain Containing A Fluorinated Side Chain in the Core
  12. 2jst - Four-Alpha-Helix Bundle With Designed Anesthetic Binding Pockets II: Halothane Effects on Structure and Dynamics
  13. 2jt8 - Solution Structure Of the F153-to-5-Flurotryptophan Mutant of Human Cardiac Troponin C
  14. 2jtz - Solution Structure and Chemical Shift Assignments Of the F104-to-5-Flurotryptophan Mutant of Cardiac Troponin C
  15. 2jxr - Structure of Yeast Proteinase A
  16. 2k1q - uc(Nmr) Structure of Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Serine Protease Complexed With the Non-Covalently Bound Phenethylamide Inhibitor
  17. 2kaw - uc(Nmr) Structure of the MDVL1 Pdz Domain in Complex With Its Inhibitor
  18. 2kp4 - Structure of 2'F-Ana/Rna Hybrid Duplex
  19. 2kug - Halothane Binds to Druggable Sites in Calcium-Calmodulin: Solution Structure of Halothane-Cam N-Terminal Domain
  20. 2kuh - Halothane Binds to Druggable Sites in Calcium-Calmodulin: Solution Structure of Halothane-Cam C-Terminal Domain
  21. 2kwg - Solution Structure of A Fully Modified 2'-F/2'-Ome Sirna Construct
  22. 2l1r - The Structure Of The Calcium-Sensitizer, Dfbp-O, in Complex With The N-Domain Of Troponin C and the Switch Region of Troponin I
  23. 2lh5 - X-Ray Structural Investigation Of Leghemoglobin. VI. Structure Of Acetate-Ferrileghemoglobin At A Resolution of 2.0 Angstroms (Russian)
  24. 2lsc - Solution Structure of 2'F-Ana and Ana Self-Complementary Duplex
  25. 2ngr - Transition State Complex For Gtp Hydrolysis By CDC42: Comparisons Of The High Resolution Structures For CDC42 Bound to The Active and Catalytically Compromised Forms of the CDC42-Gap.
  26. 2nlr - Streptomyces Lividans Endoglucanase (Ec: Complex With Modified Glucose Trimer
  27. 2no0 - C4S Dck Variant of Dck in Complex With Gemcitabine+Adp
  28. 2no6 - C4S Dck Variant of Dck in Complex With Ftc+Adp
  29. 2np8 - Structural Basis For the Inhibition Of Aurora A Kinase By A Novel Class of High Affinity Disubstituted Pyrimidine Inhibitors
  30. 2nud - The Structure of the Type III Effector Avrb Complexed With A High-Affinity RIN4 Peptide
  31. 2nw9 - Crystal Structure of Tryptophan 2,3-Dioxygenase (Tdo) From Xanthomonas Campestris in Complex With Ferrous Heme and 6-Fluoro-Tryptophan. Northeast Structural Genomics Target XCR13
  32. 2o2u - Crystal Structure of Human JNK3 Complexed With N-(3-Cyano-4,5,6,7- Tetrahydro-1-Benzothien-2-Yl)-2-Fluorobenzamide
  33. 2o4l - Crystal Structure of Hiv-1 Protease (Q7K, I50V) in Complex With Tipranavir
  34. 2o4n - Crystal Structure of Hiv-1 Protease (Trm Mutant) in Complex With Tipranavir
  35. 2o4p - Crystal Structure of Hiv-1 Protease (Q7K) in Complex With Tipranavir
  36. 2o5d - Thiazolone-Acylsulfonamides As Novel Hcv NS5B Polymerase Allosteric Inhibitors: Convergence of Structure-Based Drug Design and X-Ray Crystallographic Study
  37. 2o9i - Crystal Structure of the Human Pregnane X Receptor Lbd in Complex With An Src-1 Coactivator Peptide and T0901317
  38. 2o9j - Crystal Structure of Calcium Atpase With Bound Magnesium Fluoride and Cyclopiazonic Acid
  39. 2oag - Crystal Structure of Human Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (Dppiv) With Pyrrolidine-Constrained Phenethylamine 29G
  40. 2ode - Crystal Structure Of the Heterodimeric Complex of Human RGS8 and Activated Gi Alpha 3
  41. 2ofv - Crystal Structure of Aminoquinazoline 1 Bound to Lck
  42. 2og8 - Crystal Structure of Aminoquinazoline 36 Bound to Lck
  43. 2ogz - Crystal Structure of Dpp-IV Complexed With Lilly Aryl Ketone Inhibitor
  44. 2oh4 - Crystal Structure of VEGFR2 With A Benzimidazole-Urea Inhibitor
  45. 2ohn - X-Ray Crystal Structure of Beta Secretase Complexed With 4- (4-Fluorobenzyl)Piperidine
  46. 2oi4 - Crystal Structure of Human PIM1 in Complex With Fluorinated Ruthenium Pyridocarbazole
  47. 2ojj - Crystal Structure of ERK2 in Complex With (S)-N-(1-(3- Chloro-4-Fluorophenyl)-2-Hydroxyethyl)-4-(4-(3- Chlorophenyl)-1H-Pyrazol-3-Yl)-1H-Pyrrole-2-Carboxamide
  48. 2ole - Crystal Structure of Human Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (Dppiv) Complex With Cyclic Hydrazine Derivatives
  49. 2ong - Crystal Structure Of of Limonene Synthase With 2- Fluorogeranyl Diphosphate (Fgpp).
  50. 2onh - Crystal Structure Of of Limonene Synthase With 2- Fluorolinalyl Diphosphate(Flpp)


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