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    PDB 3tik-4acx
    PDB 4afe-4fk3
    PDB 4fod-7gch

Fluorine in the structure of Parp Complexed With A927929 (pdb 3l3m)

The binding sites of Fluorine atom in the structure of Parp Complexed With A927929 (pdb code 3l3m). This binding sites where shown with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Fluorine atom.
The 3l3m structure was solved by C.H.PARK, with X-Ray Crystallography technique, brief refinement statistics is given in the table below:
Resolution (A)81.6-2.5
Space groupP321
a (A)94.205
b (A)94.205
c (A)68.856
alpha (°)90.00
beta (°)90.00
gamma (°)120.00
Rfactor (%)20.2
Rfree (%)27.5

Fluorine Binding Sites:

Fluorine binding site 1 out of 1 in 3l3m

Fluorine binding site 1 out of 1 in 3l3m
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stereopicture of Fluorine binding site 1 out of 1 in 3l3m
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Mono- and Stereo- picture of 5.0 Angstrom coordination sphere 1 of Fluorine in the PDB 3l3m. Coordination sphere was calculated for all residues within 5.0 Angstroms distance from the central Fluorine atom, shown by VdW sphere
Residues shown as a stick model or VDW spheres: A: Gly227, A: Tyr228, A: Met229, A: Tyr235, A: A92351, A: Hoh361, A: Hoh378, A: Hoh417,

conact list:

AtomAtomDistance (A)
FO A:Gly2274.03
FCE2 A:Tyr2284.79
FCD2 A:Tyr2284.24
FCA A:Tyr2284.51
FN A:Met2294.86
FCB A:Tyr2354.45
FCE2 A:Tyr2352.98
FCD1 A:Tyr2353.93
FCD2 A:Tyr2353.06
FCZ A:Tyr2353.42
FCE1 A:Tyr2353.87
FCG A:Tyr2353.57
FOH A:Tyr2354.10
FF A:A923510.00
FC9 A:A923513.58
FN20 A:A923514.14
FC12 A:A923511.34
FC19 A:A923514.77
FC11 A:A923514.10
FC2 A:A923513.61
FC6 A:A923512.31
FC7 A:A923512.38
FC4 A:A923514.08
FC13 A:A923512.85
FC10 A:A923514.78
FN21 A:A923512.81
FO A:Hoh3612.87
FO A:Hoh3783.09
FO A:Hoh4174.74

interactive model:

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